* 1986 in Grand Rapids, MI

Lives and works in New York



2015  M.F.A., Hunter College 

2010  B.A., California State University, Northridge




2019 Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, DE [forthcoming]

2019 Anthony Greaney // Pictures Efface Walls, Boston [forthcoming]

2018   Tethering, fourseasonsberlin, Berlin, DE

2018   Parts of Some Quartet, Fruits, Lubov, New York

2014  Manual, Silver Projects, Brooklyn

Select Group

2019 I’m Trying to Explain, L21, Mallorca, ES [forthcoming]

2019 Thoughts on Tactility, organized by Johanna Jaeger and Anne Schwarz, Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin, DE

2018   Dannielle Bowman, Sacha Vega, Jenna Westra, Curated by Matthew Leifheit, Baxter St | Camera Club of NY

2018 Static Movement Sundown, Anthology Film Archives, New York (screening)  

2018 NADA, solo booth with Hassla, New York

2017   for views, Phoebe d'Heurle, Johanna Jaeger, Sara Murphy, Jenna Westra, Hercules, New York

2017 Cue Mark, Hercules, New York (screening)

2017 Cue Mark, Lubov, New York (screening)

2017 Static Movement Sundown, Thomas Hunter Projects, New York

2016   As the Crow Flies, Curated by Andrea Woodner, Hercules, New York

2015   Photisms, Curated by Ashley Garrett & Sharon Madanes, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles

2015 All Visual, Curated by Trevor Powers, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

2015 Right of Window, Organized by Laura Frantz,  Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY (2 person with Sophie Grant)

2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition, 205 Hudson Gallery, New York

2015 New Work New York, Curated by Kat Greifen, 695 Grand St., Brooklyn

2013   War Against Magic, Curated by Stephanie Dvareckas, Gallery Kayafas, Boston



Publications and Artist Books

Westra, Jenna. Atlas, New York: Hassla, 2018.

Schwab, Katie. Reach Out and Touch Someone, New York: The Artist's Institute, 2014.

Powers, Trevor (ed.). Papersafe 01: Sage, Boston: Catlabs, 2014.


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2018 - ongoing



Cue Mark 

Lubov, New York

Screening series of 16mm & 8mm films by Stephanie Barber, Laura Bartczak, Lucy Kerr, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Ellie Parker, Aglaia Konrad, and Jenna Westra


Open. Wide. Sparagmos

Hercules, New York

Co-organized group exhibition with works by Yevgeniya Baras, Dru Donovan, Sean Donovan, Merritt Johnson, Kristy Luck, Troy Michie, Jakub Milčák, Hannah Plotke, Megan Plunkett, Donald Varnell, William Villalongo, and Brian Wondergem


2018-2020 Hercules Art Studios, Long Island City

2016-2018 Hercules Art Studio Program, Tribeca


2018 - 2019  Part Time Faculty, School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons School for Design