16mm, B&W/color, silent, 4 minutes : 48 seconds, 2018

Performed by Claudia Eve Beauchesne, Kensaku Shinohara, Ward Roberts, and Mariana JP  



Static Movement Sundown

16mm film, color, silent, 8 minutes : 16 seconds, 2017

Performed by Veronica Gamir with assistance from Timothy Voice


The variables are temporal and spatial qualities of film media alongside movement and stillness. Movement can be both, but what of stillness? One space, some time.

Moving film is one answer to the problem of missed opportunities in still photography.

I expect truth in stillness, but the sun is truth and it’s always moving.

Filming a still or slow moving dancer along with the end of a day, a series of movements held static at sundown.

Two bodies, the camera and the dancer, both with the capacity for movement that when held still, vibrate together.